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With experience traveling + working in over 25 countries, she earned her MBA from The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, and has a professional background in higher education, community development, adventure tourism, voluntourism, wellness and outdoor education.

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Harvest Table Farm & Restaurant


Education. Sustainability. Community.

The Harvest Table Farm is nestled among the rolling meadows of the town so aptly named, Meadowview. Just around the corner from Emory College, the farm sits on about four acres of land, and is located just two and a half miles from the Harvest Table Restaurant. The farm and restaurant began as an extension of the bestselling book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, written by owner Steven Hopp, his wife Barbara Kingsolver, and their two daughters. The story about one family’s year-long experiment to eat in-season locally grown foods has become more than just their story. This book, and others, have inspired individuals, families, and communities to be involved in local food movements. Hopp is also currently a professor at Emory College.




Jason Von Kundra

"We are a different kind of business, with a philosophy that is probably unlike most others you will encounter -from start to finish, we invest in the health of our community and the land, trying to maximize the number of people who benefit from our existence."

The Harvest Table is more than just a farm and restaurant. In recent years, the operation has expanded to a farm separate from the one where the original bestselling novel was written. Over the last seven years, the Harvest Table family has grown to include kitchen staff, servers, store clerks, farmers, small business owners, artisans and neighbors. Relationships have developed over the common desire to educate, support local and celebrate the Appalachian heritage. Harvest Table grows storage potatoes and onions, heritage and heirloom varieties of vegetables, fruit trees, berry bushes, and perennial herbs tucked in around the farm, in addition to their acre of annual produce for the restaurant. The Meadowview Farmers’ Guild General Store is another branch of the business, which carries food items and handmade goods from over 170 local craftspeople and artisans. The farm is also complete with chickens, Icelandic sheep and a very friendly dog. Committed to having a low carbon footprint, Harvest Table also supports over 50 regional farmers, gardeners and ranchers.

Meet the Farm & Business Manager

Two selected students will each be given their own bedrooms in the main farm house, working directly under Jason. Food will be supplied by the farm for interns (including pastured-based meats, staple grains, preserved goods and fresh produce (taking into account any allergies or dietary restrictions). Cooking responsibilities are shared. Meals (dinners in particular) are opportunities for community gathering, daily updates, debriefs and connection. Students are invited to explore the town and nearby Emory College campus, take advantage of local hiking and get involved with the Harvest Table Restaurant. 


About the Projects

Number of

Open Positions

Program Sessions

1 , 2

Program Dates 

Jun 2-30
Jul 7- Aug 4


Jun 2-30|Jul 7-Aug 4 

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Session 1 or 2

Marketing and Content Creation

Harvest Table Farm and Market


Project Description

Marketing, Social Media & Partnership Strategy Team

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Jun 2-30|Jul 7-Aug 4 

Session 1 or 2

Value-Added Products

& Profitability


Project Description

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Operations Schedule

30 hours per week, 8:00am-3:00pm 

*flexibility in schedule when communicated with host

Project sponsor meetings, mentor meetings,

and feedback opportunities will occur weekly

Weekday Mornings

Daily farm and organizational operations, such as chicken-tending, restaurant preparation and harvesting

Weekday Afternoons

Independent and team project work 

*Daily routine is structured to provide a holistic learning experience for students, enabling the application of hands-on operations knowledge to future strategy-building

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