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Traveling with Freedom and Trust, as a Student

I have this longing for adventure- this constant urge to be traveling or planning my next excursion. I see a human for a human. I see an environment as a sanctuary to learn and grow new roots. Traveling and exploring has opened my heart to empathy, sensitivity and diversity.

As a student, it can be hard to finance large domestic or international trips. Before I could work in college, I would take road trips to Florida with groups of friends. Surrounding myself with like-minded, spiritual, free souls teaches me to trust the journey and trust the unknown. Once I got a part-time job in college, I would put 10% of every paycheck into my savings account to save money. I would try to budget my money throughout the work week, thinking about how I was “voting” with my dollar on purchases. I tried to pack my lunch and cook at home for dinner.

My first international, independent trip was to Iceland in March 2018. I saw the beauty of a country that runs most electricity off of geothermal activity, waterfalls, and wind energy. I only took a 60L pack and one small backpack with me on the plane, and we were going for 10 days! Packing minimally can be hard, but the freedom that results is refreshing. We went during the winter, so my first priority was to stay warm. If I got too warm, then I could just remove a layer. My recommendation is to lay out outfits ahead of time, trying on tights under jeans and long sleeves under shirts. If it isn't comfortable, don't pack it. I also recommend rolling your clothing in your pack or suitcase.

My next adventure as a student will be to Guatemala this May. I will be working, serving the land, the communities, the exploited and the marginalized. I am 19 years old, and I am jumping for joy to continue learning in this world of abundance.

Alex is a second-year student at James Madison University, studying dietetics. She was born in Boca Raton, Florida, grew up in Miami, Florida and now is looking forward to her next adventure. You can follow Alex on Facebook and Instagram.

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