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Ongoing Feedback Loops

Customized, Targeted Business Projects

Collaborative Company Needs Assessments

Vetted Student Placements

Student Milestone Management & Mentoring

Determine where your business is going tomorrow, today.


At OutGrowth, we believe in supporting businesses who are creating good in the world. We appreciate the tremendous responsibility of simultaneously running the agriculture and business ends of an organization. That's where we can help. Our knowledge of business development, community development and educational programming enables us to create a unique offering, giving you the manpower and support that you need to plan your business growth in the next year and beyond. Our interns take on a mix of farm tasks and business project work, focusing on your top summer priorities while contributing to your bottom line. We take a component off of your very green plate so that you can do what you do best: create positive and lasting change. With OutGrowth, not only can you build your business, but you can help to grow tomorrow's leaders. Together, we can create a ripple of impact.



Collaborate with us to determine your most pressing business needs for the coming year. We discuss your preferences, strategies and methods so that we can create customized month-long summer intern placements, unique to your business. We determine ideal fit, given your on-site living accommodations and skill preferences.
Following our screening and introductory processes, we designate the number of residential intern placements to be filled at your site in the coming summer. We engage in student vetting processes to ensure proper fit with your organization. 
Once OutGrowth places your interns, we facilitate orientation and introductory processes, prior to intern on-site arrival. During our intern sessions, we consistently offer an additional layer of mentorship, monitoring/guiding project progress and deliverables, ensuring value on both sides. We relieve some of that workload so that you can focus on your day-to-day business and intern on-site guidance.
We consistently manage experience quality, keeping an open feedback loop with you, our partner. We guide final deliverable stages and project hand-off, ensuring long-lasting value for your organization. We invite you to our end-of-summer Student Showcase Event, where your interns' work will be presented to our community of business leaders!


We are thrilled to have the opportunity to add more condensed programming to our list of offerings. Bringing student and corporate groups to your site, we work with you to facilitate a day of multi-faceted growth. 


(based on your unique business challenges)

Farm Work Rotations



Community Connection


Environmental Stewardship


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