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At its core, our programming is rooted in meaningful curricula + real-world skill-building. Whether students are headed to college or the workforce, we give them the rare opportunity to gain competitive edge, all through the platform of project-based learning with small, sustainable businesses.

We are advocates for the professional value found in immersive experiences. We are unique in that we have a multi-dimensional learning model, giving students the tools to accelerate skill development while cultivating community, becoming environmental stewards + adding to a portfolio of life adventures.

At OutGrowth, we merge the worlds of service learning +  professional development, so that students can start to explore ways to translate passion and purpose into a career. By working with organizations that are leading with purpose, students can transform areas of study into making a difference. 



[Visit desktop site for details.]
[Visit desktop site for details.]

Farm to Future

Re-imagining the business landscape, from classroom to field.

Our customized, immersive farm excursions are one-of-a-kind experiences where students tackle everything from hands-on farm tasks to real-time farm business challenges. Utilizing a mix of team-building, design thinking and community engagement principles, students get to connect to their farmer, to each other and to professional development opportunities that translate from the crop field to the career field.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Sustainable business immersion 

  • Professional development: farm business challenges + creative solution-building

  • Team building + collaboration

  • Leadership development

  • Farm-to-table meal sharing

  • Industry insights + education

  • Service learning + social impact

[Visit desktop site for details.]


Farm Internships

Study almost-abroad experiences, for college credit

Unique Programming Elements:

  • Customized intern projects

  • Real farm business value

  • Business, marketing + finance focus

  • On-site farm living + community engagement

  • Portfolio-boosting deliverables 

  • Ongoing, dual weekly mentorship

  • Targeted career competency building

  • Built-in reflection + feedback

  • Orientation + Student Showcase events

Our Roots in Research

[Visit desktop site for details.]
[Visit desktop site for details.]

The need for soft skills in tanglible formats

Only 11% of business leaders and 14% of the general public believe that students who graduate from college have the skills needed to be successful in the workplace. - National Association of Colleges + Employers

The importance of diversifying student experience

+ opening new career pathways

74% of U.S. employees seek purpose in their work, yet up to 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace.

                                                                                                                        -2016 Purpose at Work Global Report, Gallup State of the Workplace Global Report

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