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Top Travel Lessons Learned by 25 OutGrowth Writers

Can you believe that it already has been 9 months since OutGrowth launched?

In celebration of an incredible first summer, we have compiled the top lessons learned by our talented team of contributing bloggers. Whether it is through alternative spring breaks, the Peace Corps, business travel, study abroad or solo expeditions, our inspirational adventurers have shown us the value in going for it.

Enjoy reading top insights from the people who are experts at drinking in life---

As an adult, the larger lesson has hit home – there are a million interesting places in the world, and they don’t have to be expensive, or far, or famous, to give you a totally new experience. - Blair Pasalic

I learned that we take so many parts of our lives for granted, and yet we worry about the small, trivial things. I look back at this experience as a defining moment in my life. This trip really made me realize that so much of what occupies our thoughts and efforts robs us of looking at our life with eyes wide open, seeing what we really have. - Chandler Denison

When we travel, although we are in a new environment, we are living with less fear and a greater sense of openness towards people, food and experiences. We partake in adventures, big and small, that to us, are seemingly fleeting moments we feel we must relish in because they may be one-time occurrences. But I don't think we should ever view our travel experiences that way. If we live with the same openness upon returning from our travels, we just might see where any number of those new experiences or skills fit in to our lives or can be reincorporated into our routine for a second time. - Alyssa Perez

Not everyone has the same budget, support, or opportunities to travel abroad or to far-flung places. But you can still “travel” to the other side of town, the other corner of the county, or to the next city over. Whatever works for your circumstances. As long as you’re physically moving to places that broaden your view of the world and challenge your ways of thinking, you are traveling. And travel makes us smarter. So travel…however you can. - Brad Waters

I have noticed four beautiful ways my life has changed for the better because I moved away from home: 1. Your realize that your life IS movable, 2. You discover a new sense of confidence and independence, 3. You start to view current issues through a global lens, 4. You learn that you can truly build yourself a family.

- Caitlin Connor

There is no substitute for resourcefulness and adaptability. The best plans seem to go awry almost immediately and I learned that being able to think on the fly, staying steady and calm in the face of changes and being flexible and open to new things made me a better person and a more valuable employee in my career. - Joell Shepperson

It’s easy to confidently insist that you know yourself well when you’re in your own bubble of the world, but traveling makes you realize who you are and why. - Liz Wolf Isles

You don't need to buy ALL the souvenirs. One small meaningful object will do the trick. My favorite souvenir from abroad is an emptied Sprite bottle filled with sand from the beaches on Normandy in France. - Lauren Novsak

Take a breath and be patient.

- Joe McHugh

Say "yes" to trying new things!

- Bailey Graf

Men travel and so does taste,

The most rudimentary passport one can own. A tour of billions of lives and a home.

- Chris Dargavel

Buy the plane ticket, chat up the person, wander down the street that looks interesting. Suspend your need to judge what happens along the way, and embrace it all as fully as you can.

- Tara Molloy

Listen. People are so anxious to share their stories with you and are especially proud of their hometowns and countries. - Jessica Diehl

I still had no idea what was next; all I did know was that my world view had permanently shifted, and falling back on the familiar felt like a betrayal of what I had just glimpsed. There was only room for more exploration. - Abby Fitzgibbon

Recycle the kindness you have experienced from traveling to other people regardless of their background.

- Timothy Power

It's better to overstay your welcome than to under-stay it.

- Jordan Eberlein

Open yourself to the world and be present in each experience. - Veronica Eberlein

The heart is still and constant while everything else continuously changes. - Sarah Nordseth

Life is finite, and beauty is everywhere if you look for it. I travel to be humbled, and reminded of the bigger picture.

- Sheila McMenamin

Flexibility is key. You can have everything planned out, but be ready to go with the flow. - Cory Ott

Wherever you go, the culture is so much more important than the attractions. Getting off the beaten path and immersing yourself in your new environment is incredibly rewarding.

- Kathryn Rowe

I've learned that the more places I travel to, the smaller and friendlier the world gets.

- Jeanne Fitzgibbon

Be prepared. - Katlin Bagdovitz

Be patient. Be flexible. - Alexandra Balbontin

The greatest lesson I have ever learned is to immerse yourself wholly in the experience. I'm not one to miss people when I travel, and I think that's because I trust that we will be reunited one day. This gives me more freedom to completely be wherever I am. Be curious, be intuitive, and be genuine. Nothing is worse than someone who holds back on who they truly are because they're scared and miss home.

- Livvy Call

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