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Oh Great, Yet Another Superhero Story

This isn’t your typical superhero story. Hell, it’s not even complete yet. There’s no happy ending- just a tale of self-discovery, with many arcs to come. It’s like Batman Begins and Unbreakable, without the super flashy powers or tons of money. So, what do you do if you were born in a family of superheroes, with a father who battled sickness for years, a sister who defied social norms, a brother who has been in a skirmish with a chronic condition and a mother who has taken on roles beyond count? For years, our protagonist followed a path that was laid out for him, until unforeseen circumstances forced a change; A change so drastic that it allowed him to discover his passions, habits and career trajectory.

It all started in his undergraduate, where just like Batman in Batman Begins, he was able to find mentors who helped him discover his “superpowers," purge out his fears and focus on his strengths. It all started with the course, Consumer Behavior, that allowed him to apply psychology, sociology, consumer behavior and various other concepts onto himself. The story continues with an unconventional path that allowed him explore the dynamics of Consulting, Higher Education, Entrepreneurship, Academic Research and Marketing for over two and a half years before moving on to the next chapter, his sojourn in the United States.

This chapter follows him as he explores the world outside his home country for the first time, starting with the city built on two continents, Istanbul, where he finds a fascinating blend of modernity and tradition. Destiny lands him in New York next, where, more than the high rise buildings, he is blown away by the cosmopolitan nature of the city itself, with each borough bringing a unique flavor to the city, the suburbs contrasting the high density of Manhattan, and with traffic being the common issue throughout the city.

Next, was Baltimore, which was to become his abode for the next year. A humid, rainy day wasn’t the most pleasant welcome to the Charm City, while he still reeled from the massive contrast between New York and Baltimore. Over time, however, this city grew on him, as he settled into his new home away from home. The opportunities to travel the U.S. kept coming up, first with the nation’s capital, which awed him with the museums and architecture, but a later excursion to Georgetown, made him a lot fonder of the city.

A case competition afforded him another opportunity to travel to Cleveland in the autumn of 2018. There was something about that trip that made him like Cleveland. Maybe it was the walk through dry leaves, maybe it was the beautiful Case Western University campus or perhaps it was the tranquility at night. The winter break of 2018 was his latest adventure. The Windy City. Fireworks at the Navy Pier, the Tilt experience at 360 Chicago, Skydeck at Willis Tower, night walks at the Magnificent Mile, Uchicago, Northwestern University, and much more. His local friends gave him the authentic Chicago experience, with food being the particular standout.

This chapter also covers his multi-cultural exchanges, his initial culture shocks, his academic life, his, his new friendships, his extra-curriculars, and most importantly, his further exploration of self. Maybe he’ll talk about all of that someday. Having polished his “superpowers” during the intensive MS Marketing program at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, we find our protagonist looking for his Gotham, his Metropolis, where he could use his superpowers to make a sizable difference.

Will he succeed? Where will he travel next? What new adventures lie ahead? Stay tuned as he starts his newest adventure at OutGrowth.

Muhammad Ali Mehdi is an MS Marketing student at Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. After graduating with his undergraduate degree, he worked for two years in variety of areas including higher education, consulting, academic research, entrepreneurship and marketing. He is a consumer behavior enthusiast, and an aspiring storyteller with a passion for consulting. When not studying or engaging in co-curriculars, he loves travel, photography and reading.

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