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Laying the Path to Get to the Unknown

Collaborating with and learning from Danica Brice has been nothing short of incredible. Her story, perspective, and approach to her life and work have us taking copious notes. Enjoy this inspiring set of lessons learned from our Q+A with Danica below, and for more inspiration, read her article on Intention Setting in this month's issue of En Root!

This month's theme is all about intention setting. Tell us about how you interpret this theme, and how it has played a role in your personal or professional life.

Intention setting is the pivotal step in the process of living whereby you slow down enough to ask yourself, “what do I want in this moment, in the situation, moving forward? What’s next?” It is such an act of self love to recognize your needs, wants, and desires, and then be bold enough to declare them. It’s very simple and yet so impactful. It’s freeing! It’s fun! And when it becomes second nature, I believe you’ll find yourself accomplishing things you never dreamt possible! For me, what that practice has made possible is to free myself from the chains of being a follower, of doing things because I “should,” and of giving up on my own potential because I was caught up in supporting someone else’s vision instead of my own. Setting intentions is the gift I give myself that allows me to create the impossible because it lays the path to get to the unknown.

At OutGrowth, we believe in designing the space and time to reimagine the path forward. How do you believe intention setting can impact our perspective and influence our future decisions?

Many of us love to plan. We make lists and think ahead. We want to feel prepared. Without doing those things we may feel like we have no direction. Setting intentions is an introspective first step in that process and is essential in finding your own direction. It gives you the opportunity to turn inward and ask yourself what you truly desire in this exact moment. Taking the time to be introspective and to allow yourself to have a voice that can be heard gives you the perspective necessary to follow your own true path. I imagine it like branches of a tree: the trunk of the tree is the simple act of asking yourself, “what do I need right now?” and all of the branches stem off of that answer. When the future decisions you make are coming from a foundation of self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-love, no matter what they are, they will be supportive of your best and highest good.

What is one hard lesson you learned in this past year that contributed to your growth?

In the past year, on the other side of severely digging my heels in, I’ve learned to trust the people who love me and to trust myself. Childhood trauma left me confused about other people’s intentions and that has motivated me to redefine what love, care, and trust mean to me. The shift away from pain and suffering toward openness, lightness, warmth, simplicity, and ease within myself and all of my closest relationships has been a huge gift. Setting down all of that baggage is very freeing!

What is one competency or skill you hope to develop in 2023?

Looking back on this day in 2024, I think I will be acknowledging myself for how far I’ve come in stepping into my role as a leader. I’ve spent my life being an advocate for others, but I see now that the next step in that journey is leading by example, leading with intention, leading beyond the limits of my family and friends, and allowing myself to support, guide, and inspire the greater world.

What inspires you?

People who do what’s right for them even when it’s hard inspire me. I’m amazed by how many great inventions we use in our daily lives that were created by people who faced life-long opposition and rejection, but never gave up on creating their vision. I’m awestruck by people who prioritize what they love even when they don’t receive the kind of support that would make the journey to fulfilling their dreams easy. I’m inspired by people who never give up.

At OutGrowth, we believe in preparing the next generation of leaders. What is one resource (book, podcast, article, anything!) you'd recommend to those looking to carve out the time for growth in the next year?

I believe anything that sparks your interest or gets your attention has messages you can benefit from for your personal journey, from song lyrics in the grocery store to a gif texted to you by an old friend. There is meaning to be found in everything. That being said, “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity'' by Julia Cameron (1992) is a book I read while studying art in college, and over time I have come to see it as housing a world of inspiration and support for any and all endeavors. Developing your creativity lends itself to everything you do and I believe it is truly a core competency for living a fully expressed life. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s just lovely!

What's next? What are you excited about in the coming year?

I’m in the process of building my business after directing my attention almost solely on the health and safety of my family in 2022. There are so many incredible opportunities laying ahead for collaboration, inspiration, and co creation with other brilliant, heart-centered people. I can’t wait to work with them and to be inspired by all that they have to teach me. There is so much to learn from observing others in their journey while also supporting them to succeed. I find that cycle of mutually beneficial engagement to be the gift that keeps on giving! I have workshops and group coaching cohorts I am currently putting together and I can’t wait to see, hear, and engage with all of the beautiful people those projects bring into my life. I’m consistently in awe of my clients and can't wait to learn about the incredible outcomes those experiences generate for them as well!

Danica Brice is a Pelvic Empowerment Coach and founder of Danica J. Brice Coaching, LLC.

Inspired by her own journey, Danica coaches people to empower their pelvis and therefore their lives. From managing pain to exploring pleasure, her clients take ownership and bring love to the creative core of their bodies. By developing a deeper understanding and connection between the mind and body, she supports people around relationships, sex, creativity, fertility, and motherhood. Using mindfulness and meditation as well as creative expression encourage the level of well-being and self-love that ensure the transformation her clients are seeking for themselves.

Join Danica to explore these concepts in action in her New Year’s Intention Setting Workshop: Find clarity around what your most fulfilling life would look like, and set intentions to create it!

Sunday, January 29, 2023 - 3:00-4:30 pm EST. Or schedule a Guided Meditation Vision Session where Danica will utilize coaching tools combined with a guided meditation to tap into powerful messages that will direct you along your own journey of transformation. Contact Danica for more information.


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