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Start Early and Always Believe in Yourself

We had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Gantt this past year, and his story and vision need to be shared with the OutGrowth community. As a retiree of the U.S. Marine Corp, Anthony became an entrepreneur launching At Ease, a platform that helps military families to secure temporary housing upon relocating. Check out our Q+A with Anthony below, and learn about the man who translated his talent and passions into a thriving, purpose-driven business.

This month's theme is all about doing what you love and loving what you do. Tell us about how you stay committed to this in your day-to-day.

Helping others is a passion that discovered me over 21 years ago after enlisting in the United States Marines Corps. As time gets closer to retirement, I wanted to find something that would allow me to continue helping others. With At Ease, I can continue to help our service members and their families. Knowing this keeps me going!

At OutGrowth, we are committed to supporting the growth of others. What do you think we as individuals can do to pave the way for others to grow into their fullest, most fulfilled selves?

Helping others reach their potential begins with being willing to listen to someone's needs and then connecting them to the resources that will be beneficial for them. I think too often we fail to fully listen to what someone is saying and provide what we think we heard.

Tell us about your most significant professional moment to date.

The most significant professional moment to date came when I realized that I wanted to pursue my passion as an entrepreneur and then turned down the opportunity to be a Commanding Officer for a Marine Corps Unit.

How did this experience change the course of your life, your career or your outlook?

This set me on the path to retire out of the Marine Corps and begin to focus on the growth of At Ease. It has been on of the best decisions that I have every made.

What is a step that each of us can take today to start our quest for work we love?

Stop and conduct self introspection. This will help identify personal strengths and weaknesses.

If you could go back in time and give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Start earlier and always believe in yourself.

What is your favorite quote or song lyric?

"If you do what is easy, your life will be hard!"

Based on your experience to date, what are the top three career competencies that you believe are essential in 2021?

Honesty, grit and hard work

Anthony Gantt wasn’t reimbursed $1200 when he stayed in a home using a BnB site. So out of total anger and frustration, he created a custom platform that reduces the stress of finding temporary housing for military families relocating. His long term vision for At Ease is to be the one-stop-shop for finding compliant resources that encapsulate the entire moving process.


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